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Our issues aren't partisan.

A weak economy hurts both Republicans and Democrats. People can barely afford to live. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Public schools are consolidating. We need to send people to Springfield who will work on solutions not excuses. Someone who fights for their community over personal profits. That person is Nick Hyde.

From the courtroom to Capitol Hill, Nick has proven he has the skills neccessary for the job. We ask for your support to help build a better economy, properly-funded schools, and updated infrastructure for the 89th District!

Meet Nick

Nick is currently an Attorney in Jo Daviess, Illinois. He enjoys working with the local Public Defender's Office, Galena Historical Society, as well as various private clients that seek his legal expertise.

Spending summers on his grandparent's farm in Galena, IL, Nick grew up surrounded by a community that believed in hard work and neighborly love. After graduating Louisiana State University with a Bachelor's in Accounting, he ventured further to study at The University of Illinois, College of Law. While attending law school, Nick had many great experiences that make him the best candidate to get the job done.

One of those experiences was working for Illinois Senator Richard Durbin. While in Washington, Nick worked with the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Responsibilities such as drafting memorandums used by the Senator, contacting constituents about key legislation, as well as spearheading bipartisan initiatives that would later result in foreign policy decisions made by the United States Senate.

But NW Illinois needs more than a politician. As an Eagle Scout, being helpful, courteous, and kind to your community are key aspects of life. With this in mind, Nick worked with a family-owned law firm who litigated a class-action lawsuit filed by 17 farm owners fighting for the future of their farms. A rich family wanted to essentially destroy these farms for their own profit. Nick and Follmer Law Office's were ultimately successful, although it took hard work and dedication due to the wealthy son having unlimited resources. But for Nick - fighting for farmers, small business owners, families, and future generations is far more important than the wealth and profits of the few.

While still attending Illinois, Nick volunteered in the Legislative Technical Review Office for the State General Assembly in Springfield. While there, he would work with attorneys and State Representatives, alike, to make sure that legislation was being prepared the right way, the first way. Many times the representatives would not be able to send the bill to the floor because of the technical nature of drafting legislation and budgets. We need to send someone to Springfield who can write legislation and not out-source that task to lobbyist and special interest groups.